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Sponsor or Exhibit at the Expo

Sponsor or Exhibit at the Expo that Enables your Business to meet Key Decison makers in the Agriculture Sector in Africa

The Africa FarmTech Expo is the ultimate event to discover the latest ideas and technologies to boost the success of your agriculture and agribusiness enterprise in Kenya and Africa at large.

Held in Kenya, the Expo will welcome over 10,000 investors and executives, managers, professionals, farmers, consultants, and other stakeholders from across Kenya and Africa, the Middle East, India and other Asian countries; Europe, Americas and beyond.

At the Expo Hall, you will interact and network with leading providers of farming equipment; agricultural inputs; financial services; mobility and supply chain solutions; digital solutions; food processing, packaging, milling, quality assurance, ingredients and other solutions from Kenya, Africa and internationally.

At the conference sessions, you will learn the key success factors to successful agriculture and agribusiness in Kenya and Africa and discover the latest technologies and market trends for your farming venture and business in Africa.

With the widest array of solutions and sectors covered at the trade show, we are sure you will not miss to find what appeals to you and your venture, and look forward to receiving you at the Africa FarmTech Expo 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

What Will be Showcased at the Expo?


  • Tractors and other heavy machinery
  • Tractor attachments and implements – harrows, seeders, planters, balers, fertiliser spreaders, wagons or trailers
  • Harvesters for grain, fruits and vegetables, legumes, coffee, tea, oilseeds and other produce
  • Packers and packaging supplies
  • Livestock barn and housing systems and installations
  • Climate control, air conditioning solutions and preservation technologies services
  • Milking equipment and supplies
  • Livestock handling and comfort supplies
  • Bulk tanks and other storage and transport solutions
  • Cold chain, refrigeration, HVAC and other solutions
  • Agricultural robots and systems
  • Aquaculture farming systems
  • On-farm digital technologies and tools


  • Drip irrigation systems, tools and supplies equipment for retail of agro-produce and food products.
  • Centre pivot irrigation systems, tools and supplies
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems, tools and supplies
  • Furrow irrigation systems, tools and supplies
  • Terraced irrigation systems, tools and supplies


    • Certified seeds and other planting materials
    • Fertilisers and other crop-enhancing inputs
    • Crop protection chemicals
    • Animal feed and livestock treatment solutions and services
    • Biological control solutions
    • Cleaning and sanitation chemicals
    • Other related services.


    • Storage and distribution technologies for agricultural produce
    • Packaging and shelf-life extension technologies – packers, loaders, packaging materials, coating systems, conveyors etc
    • Ingredients and chemicals utilised in the value addition of agricultural produce
    • Processing technologies for milk, meat, animal feed, fish and seafood, fresh produce, oilseeds; coffee, tea, and cocoa etc.


    • Shipping, aviation and trucking solutions and auxiliary services such as clearing and forwarding etc
    • Climate control, air conditioning solutions and preservation technologies
    • Climate controlled, isothermal and refrigerated containers for agro-produce handling and transport.
    • Warehousing and facility management services
    • Temperature measurement and control systems for cold chain and ambient storage, transport and retail.
    • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment for road, sea, and air transportation.
    • Cold chain and mobility technologies & automation solutions.
    • Cold and chilled facilities and temperature control equipment for retail of agro-produce and food products.
    • Transport solutions for food-delivery and e-commerce.
    • Other related services.


    • Banking services
    • Private equity, venture capital and angel investment firms
    • Insurance and risk management services
    • Payment and transaction facilitation services.


    • Training and consultancy services
    • Compliance and certification services
    • Food safety, laboratory and quality testing services
    • Marketing, distribution and sales services
    • Market research and related services
    • Trade development, industry association and lobbying services
    • Other related services.


    • Supply chain management technologies
    • Tracking and traceability systems
    • Fraud detection and cybersecurity services
    • Accounting services 
    • Cloud, Mobile & Internet services
    • E-commerce and digital services
    • Automation and Control systems
    • Data management